Lyrics and Music by Joseph Deeb except as indicated below:

Solo Projects:

“Covid Blues” (Single, 2021): Pat Manske played drums, and mixed/mastered:

Streaming links:                                             

Eating Crow Vol. 1 (2020 EP solo album – 5 songs – streaming available at Apple Music and Spotify; download from iTunes):

Streaming links:

“Crown Me” (2012 solo song demo):

Little Baby (2007 solo album -streaming available at Apple Music and Spotify; download from iTunes):

The Austin VooDudes

Song: “Eating Crow”: 2018 Song Demo recorded in Austin, TX, at Rumble Heart Studio – John Cantu vocals and percussion, Joseph Deeb guitar and keys (outro solo), Dan Frezek drums, Chris Olson bass, Mark Viator guitar (1st solo) Crow – VooDudesATX.mp3

Micky and the Motorcars (MMC) (guitarist 2002-2007) 

  • From the album Stars and Snow: A Texas Country Christmas (2005 – various artists)
  • TV Show: The Good Wife: air date Oct. 20, 2013
    • “Carolina Morning”: (written by Pinto Bennett, song from MMC album Careless)
  • Movie: Soda Springs (2012):
      • Includes songs from MMC’s Careless album:
        • “Desperation”: (written by Willy Braun, Dustin Welch, Micky Braun)
        • “Carolina Morning”: (written by Pinto Bennett)
        • “Rock Springs to Cheyenne”: (written by Kip Attaway)
        • “Lost and Found”
        • “Love is Where I Left It”

Buster Jiggs

From the album Heartache Jubilee (Smith Entertainment, 2009; produced by Buster Jiggs and J. Deeb):

2007 EP: Miserably Happy (EP produced by Buster Jiggs & J. Deeb)

Dean Seltzer and the Redneck Mothers

Casey Berry and the Live Texas Mosquitoes

Blind Luck (guitarist 1998 – 2000)

  • From the album Before They Were Rockstars (2000)
    • “Lost and Found”
    • “Rest Safely In My Arms” (Lyrics: J. Deeb; Music: Roland Perez/J. Deeb)

Floor 19 (guitarist 1996-1998)

  • Album: Austin Motel (songs written by Justin Geoffroy)

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