2018, the great Van Wilks sitting in with the Austin VooDudes

carl dunn photot

2005 with Micky and the Motorcars, Ft. Worth Stockyards at Cross Canadian Ragweed’s Red Dirt Fest (photo by the great Carl Dunn)

My Austin VooDudes brothers: John Cantu, Dan Frezek, Chris Olson, Mark Viator, with our friend Van Wilks

2006, Somewheres, TX with MMC

2006 Jackson Hole, WY., MMC opening for Reckless Kelly… opening for Mr. Nelson
1999, Babe’s, Austin, Mr. Chris Wall sitting in with Blind Luck

2006 Texas, sitting in with CCR, MMC openers (photo by Mike Galloway)
2012, brother Eddie Flores’ life celebration

MMC with brother Willy Braun sitting in on drums at the Red Eyed Fly, Austin TX, 2005+/-

2004 New Orleans, Mardi Gras, MMC at Lucy’s Retired Surfer Bar